Short-Term Personal Loans


We provide low-cost short-term loans up to $400 for a 20% to 22% fee. The costs associated with short-term loans are generally lower than most conventional loans.

Typically, the loan is due in full on your next payday.

*Example: borrow $100 today and on your next payday pay back $120.

No hidden fees. Nothing else to do. Whenever you need cash, we're here for you!

* Examples are based on average rates; actual rates may vary.


Silver Starter Loan (Tier 1)

You may qualify for an initial $100 loan even if you have zero credit history, hardly use your bank, or have a card-based or app-based financial institution (e.g. Chime, Direct Express, Cash App, etc). A starter loan allows us to build a relationship while navigating the ever-changing modern financial landscape.

Gold Loan (Tier 2)

You may qualify for a $200 loan if you bank with a well-established financial institution, have a steady employment, residence, and borrowing history, and use your bank for the majority of your financial transactions. Income factors are based on pay and pay frequency versus obligations.

Gold Plus Loan (Tier 3)

You may qualify a $200 loan plus an additional amount if you meet all of the above criteria as well as demonstrate an exceptional additional factor in regards to borrowing history* or other determining factors.

Platinum Loan (Tier4)

You may qualify for a $400 loan once you meet the criteria in the previous tiers and/or establish a history of on-time payments. A short-term loan is a great financial tool, but there is no grace period. On-time payments establish creditworthiness and trust. Communication is key.


We have 5 convenient locations serving Desoto, Obion, Shelby & Washington Counties.